Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order quantity for invitations and all other accents, add-ons, upgrades is at 30 sets or pieces.

Orders that do not meet the MOQ after check-out shall not be processed and shall be issued a refund. You may reorder after the refund with the correct order quantity.


What are your payment options?

We accept PAYPAL payments where you can use your credit card securely and swiftly at check-out.

We also accept Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Metrobank & GCash payments. These payment types shall be processed after check-out.


How will the order process move forward?

After an order has been completed, we shall be sending some forms & guidelines depending on the items ordered.

For the conventional invitations order, please refer to our work process for more info. A lot of questions can also be answered reading our  work process.


What are your lead times?

FIRST DATA / DETAILS INPUT (first draft) : 2-3 *business days after client sends back the forms emailed to them after an order is completed.

EDITS & CHANGES : 2-3 *business days after we receive client's comments of previous draft

SAMPLE PRINT : 2-3 *business days (we shall advise via email regarding pick-up date or sending of photos)

PRODUCTION : 7-10 *business days after a draft/sample print has been signed off for printing

*business days do not include Sundays, Philippine holidays & local Cebu City holidays


What if I would like my order expedited?

Expedited orders shall be charged Php800/day (to cover staff overtime fee and meals) but are subject for approval. Number of days shall be counted  from possible course of the order given the lead times above and your desired date.

Please message us first before making your order so a schedule can be made in advance. 


Can we still change the design package we chose?

Yes you may, as long as it is within 24hrs from the day your order was placed. After that, if in any case you want to change the design of the package ordered, certain fees shall apply at Php500/draft that has been worked on.


Can we still change colors and other elements from our chosen design?

As long as you are sticking to the design you originally ordered, we shall be guiding you along the way so you shall have the invitation suite you truly want.

We can change page colors, envelope colors, details within each pages.

We may also be able to add or take out elements to a chosen design, but subject to assessment. You may message us first if there are items you would like to change to a certain design. No major changes allowed.

Some add-on elements may be charged starting at Php300++ depending on the extent. This shall be billed separately, to be paid on or before pick-up of your order/s.


Will the colors of my order print as it shows on the screen?

Each monitor/screen has different calibrations, actual print outputs will be slightly different from what you see on your monitor/screens.


Do you print white ink on colored paper?

We DO NOT print with white ink. For some designs with colored background, we did reverse print on them. We printed the background on white paper, printing over with the background color and the white color is the paper color.

However, on some designs, we are printing on actual paper. We usually print on medium to light paper shades with print colors darker than the paper color. Please refer to MATERIALS in each product page to see the papers used per product.


What are our paper choices?

Materials, that we deem best fit the design, are indicated in the product details. Other type of paper requests can be accommodated, subject to our approval if it will still complement the chosen design. We can conclude on final materials to be used during the editing process.


Can I still add to my order?

You can add additional quantities to your ongoing order. You can just reply to the the email thread of your order confirmation to indicate the additional quantities of items.

For additional orders of items that are not in your current order, you may need to go back to the website and make a new order. Please do fill a note at  checkout that the new order is linked to a previous order, also stating the previous order's invoice/order number.


I would like dress code illustrations included in my suite, how much are those?

Dress code illustrations are free of charge if you will be able to choose from our collection of illustrations, for both men's & women's wear. If in case you have a very specific dress code not in our  collection of illustrations, we shall charge Php300/pc or Php500/pair for custom illustrations.
This can be discussed further after you have made your order and then billed separately, to be paid on or before pick-up of your order/s.


What if I would like a design not in your design collection?

For custom designs, you may contact us so we can send you our price catalogue.


Do you offer delivery for Cebu, Philippines orders?

We do not offer deliveries but you can arrange for local delivery services to pick up you order at:

Foreverafternoon, B105 Tango Plaza, 10 Queens Rd., Camputhaw, Cebu City

We shall provide all other contact details once your order is ready for pick-up.


Do you ship all over the Philippines?

Yes, we ship nationwide! Shipping fees are calculated at check-out. 


Do you ship worldwide?

Unfortunately, for the time being, the only shipping fees calculated at checkout are orders to be shipped within the Philippines. We are still working with FedEx (3-5 business days international delivery) for rate calculation for worldwide shipping.

Shipping rates are usually dependent on the final weight of the package (which will depend on quantity and inclusions).The best we can do for now, for all international shipping, is get the quote once all of the invitations are done and then relay the amount to the client, then the client pays for the shipping fee separately before we do the final shipment drop. We know this is quite an inconvenience not knowing the exact price before the order but it is our reality for now. 

Just to give you a rough estimate on shipping costs, based on our FedEX shipments to Australia, London, U.S, Singapore, etc are as follows :

30-50 sets : rages from Php3,000 - Php4,500

50-75 sets  : rages from Php4,000 - Php5,500

75-100 sets : rages from Php5,000 - Php7,500


When will I receive my order?

All shipping and deliveries shall be process on the finish date indicated after an order has been signed off for printing &/or production.

For orders shipped outside of Cebu City, delivery time varies from 2-7 business days depending on the chosen courier and your location. We shall not be held liable to delayed deliveries after a shipment has been endorsed to the courier. A tracking number shall be provided as soon as a shipment has been processed.


Do you have a studio we can visit?

We are located at Foreverafternoon, B105 Tango Plaza, 10 Queens Rd., Camputhaw, Cebu City.

Please contact us to set an appointment schedule.