Work Process


Each one of our designs have their basic sets and upgrade options. Add-on options are also available. So you can really make an invitation suite your own. 

If you have other add-ons or upgrades preferred, not covered by the add-ons, upgrades and recommendations in our collections, please don't hesitate to contact us.



We have selected the best fonts that works well with a certain design. You may choose up to 3 font options from the availed design. We shall work with the 3 choices along with the first digital draft.

Calligraphy style options are also available if you would wish to upgrade.

However, if you have other fonts in mind, you may request for other font options (not within the choices from the availed design) at a fee of Php500/ for another set of 3 font options. This shall be billed separately, to be paid on or before pick-up of your order/s.



Envelope color suggestions are already presented for every design. You shall be able to indicate your choice along with the forms you will fill up after your order has been confirmed.



A form to fill up with your details and some applicable guidelines shall be emailed to you once your order is confirmed. A confirmed order is one with payment completed.

It should also be understood that you have read, reviewed and agreed to all the details stated here upon making your order. A digital copy shall also be emailed to you, to ensure you have the recent copy of all the items mentioned herewith.

Foreverafternoon shall not be held liable for any misunderstanding that may arise for items already stated here & in your digital copy. If you have further questions, you may contact us before finalizing your order.



Once you have filled up the forms, your order will immediately go through the editing stage for input of your details and minimal tweaking of the design to fit your details. A digital draft shall be emailed back to you within 3-4 business days (excluding Sundays & holidays) for proofreading & revisions on your end. 

We will only allow up to 3 editing sessions (draft 3) for edits and changes. Best to finalize all details and correct whatever is necessary before draft 3. Please expect the next drafts thereafter, within 2-3 business days after the corrections and further instructions have been given.

The next drafts after draft 3 shall be charged at Php300/draft. Billing shall be made separately, to be paid on or before pick-up of your order/s.



Through the editing process, and other communications regarding your order, we shall keep one email thread, for priority and documentation purposes.

You may still contact us through our phone lines and social media messaging, for quick inquiries. We would still be asking you to send us an email, through your order email thread, if you have other instructions regarding your order.



Foreverafternoon shall provide one (1) set of sample print for color correction and final text proofreading, 2-3 business days after a you have approved a draft as final/sample printing.

First set of sample print is free of charge, the next sample print requests will be charged at Php150.00/set, regardless of inclusions. For out of town clients, photos of the sample print shall be emailed to you.



You shall sign off the sample print/mock-up or final draft for final printing and production.

You should take full responsibility of proofreading all texts & details. Foreverafternoon shall not be held liable on any or all typographical errors after an order has already been signed off for final printing.



Printing and production takes between 7-10 business days depending on style and quantity of order. A fulfillment date shall be determined once a sample print/mock-up or final draft has been signed off for final printing and production.

No order shall be released with outstanding balance.